Polyester Varieties For Your Netball Team’s Uniform

When it comes to fabric for netball uniforms, one has to think comfort, breathability and a little bit of style. The netball jerseys have come a long way to what they are today, making several changes to ensure the player feels comfortable and in their peak performance on the pitch. Polyester is easy to come by since it’s a man-made fabric. It has re-engineered several times and out of it has come several fabric types. Here is an overview of the Polyester varieties that you should consider for your netball team’s uniform:

Sports Mesh

Sports mesh is lighter and its microfiber structure is designed for high performance sports like netball, Polo or tennis. This polyester type is quite breathable and absorbs excess sweat, ensuring the netball player feels fresh and dry at all times.

Sports mesh polyester has another advantage in that it rarely fades. Thus it holds the original color better and all fine details imprinted onto the netball jerseys like team logos. Additionally, this fabric is quite washable and rated as one of the best ‘wash & wear’ materials to use for jerseys. Sports mesh netball jerseys dry up faster and can be used severally without the worry of wear and tear.

Lightweight Microfiber

Another polyester blend coming close to sports mesh is the lightweight microfiber. In comparison, this one feels thinner and is highly suited for the netball uniforms. Besides being breathable and resistant to fading, it is softer to the touch and a great visual appeal when it accentuates the player’s physique.

Running Short Fabric

One more polyester variety is the running short fabric. It is also lightweight in nature to promote high speed performance on the pitch. Compared to all other polyester blends, this one looks shiny and will be great for those netball jerseys with popping colors.


Lycra is polyester fiber fused with Lycra, but it adopted the latter name so as to differentiate it from other polyester brands. By nature, Lycra fiber is known to be very tough and long-lasting thus will keep the netball dresses looking new for years. It also stretches immensely, thus is often designed with some extra fabric weight to preventing it from appearing ‘see-through’ on the player’s body. When you are thinking of panel netball dresses, Lycra is the ultimate choice for knitting long-lasting and highly stretchable garments.

Bottom Line

As aforementioned, netball uniforms have come a long way from the ancient time of pure cotton to the now polyester trends. The good thing about polyester fibers is the fact that they are inexpensive, breathable, stretches better and rarely fade in color.

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