Planning A Vacation That Doesn’t Cost A Fortune

Yes, you can travel alone or with your friends without burning a hole in your wallets. A lot of people are already doing it so there is no reason why you can’t do the same thing. Check travel blogs and you will be inspired by travelers of all ages making it work on a shoestring budget. No, you will not have to beg for money on the streets (and frankly, you shouldn’t). You will just make the most of what you already have and minimize your expenses when you get there. It isn’t rocket science. You can do it as long as your passion for travel is greater than any of your fears.

Cheapest Flight Tickets

Start by finding the cheapest flight tickets that you can get your hands on. This should be fairly easy to do given all of the apps that are currently out there on the Web. They are free to use so there is no reason to avoid them. Of course, some are better than others so be sure to try several different ones. They might give you the same results and so you can confirm that a certain flight is simply the best that you can book. They might also show different results, in which case you will just have to choose based on the stated price, the number of stopovers, the airline reputation, and the time of departure.

Cheapest Room Rates

You should also use similar web apps to find the hotels with the cheapest room rates. In fact, you might want to forego hotels and opt for less fancy accommodations. Sure, the bed will not be that luxurious and room service may be non-existent, but you can actually get to your destination and stay there for a good length of time. Sometimes you just have to know what your priorities are. Expensive rooms can eat your budget quickly. Consider couch surfing if you are comfortable with the idea. Get rooms from locals with extra spaces within their homes. Read the reviews to get a better idea of what the places are like.

Cheapest Meals

Part of the experience is eating the local cuisine. You should definitely try what the residents are having and see if you like them. However, eating out every single day, several times a day can certainly be expensive. Some meals such as breakfast, afternoon snack, and midnight cravings might be left to your own creative hands. Anyway, it will be hard to go out so early or so late just to buy food. Visit the local grocery stores and buy your supplies so you can have something if you get hungry.

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