Notable Items From The 54th Street Menu

Eating out has become a regular experience for most people as they rush to work or school. Restaurants provide them with delicious meals outside the home. Dishes and drinks are served quickly for them to enjoy. Of course, these restaurants are not built equal. Some are better than others in different facets of the dining experience. As for 54th Street, the place is famous for their uncompromising quality and attention to detail. Every item on the menu is made from high quality ingredients. Many of them are made from scratch for a unique fresh taste. Dishes are served in generous proportions. Every order is an unforgettable experience.

The Meats

All types of meat are sourced from farms which are known to produce high quality outputs. Patrons can look forward to ribeye steaks from certified Angus beef. They can enjoy hand-breaded shrimp and chicken. If they order baby back ribs, then they can be certain that these have been smoked daily. The poultry is always fresh and marinated in the kitchen instead of sourced elsewhere unlike most restaurant chains. The burgers are made from premium ground meat. Even the sandwiches have hand-cut steak for the best taste. If you are aiming to fill yourself with a good dose of protein, then this is one of the places you should consider.

The Salads

The 54th Street menu also features seven types of salads. These have freshly cut greens for a beautiful and appetizing plate. They also make their sauces and dressing daily so you can really taste the difference. You can order chicken Caesar salad, fajita salad, fried chicken club salad, traditional chicken salad, summer chicken salad, buffalo chicken salad, or California Bleu chicken salad. It is possible to upgrade the protein to grilled shrimp, grilled salmon, crimson snapper, fried shrimp, or flat-iron steak. Pair these with soups such as Outlaw steak, Idaho baked potato, or chicken tortilla. These are available in large bowls or small cups.

The Desserts

Finish off the meals by satisfying your sweet tooth. 54th Street menu offers Key Lime Pie straight from Florida, Mini Crème Brulee Cheesecake that combines French custard with New York’s famous cheesecake and Colossal Carrot Cake that features walnuts, pistachios, and cream cheese. You can also get The Street’s House Chocolate Cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream; Salted caramel and Chocolate Brownie also with an ice cream scoop, and New York Cheesecake with fresh strawberry slices.

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