Mens Pinstripe Shoes

How to Match Your Mens Pinstripe Shoes with a Suit, in menswear, stripes are ubiquitous patterns that outshine other tailored ensembles and casual clothes. These striped clothes have withstood changes and development in the fashion industry for years. However, matching the outfit with great shoes, ties, and shirts may be tedious for men who are not fashion conscious.
In this abstract, men will learn how and when to match their striped suites with mens pinstripe shoe.

Types of Stripes

Stripes run through different fabrics and leather products depending on what a client wants. However, their names are characterized by various issues such as direction, distance from one stripe to another, and its thickness. Therefore, before buying an outfit that you want matching with your pinstriped shoe, it is essential that you know understand the type of stripe that the boots have.

In the fashion industry, the pinstripe is considered as the best male wear. It comes with thin stripes that resemble a pin with a small space running in between. This appearance gives them a handsome look for official and casual wear.

How to Choose a Greater Pinstripe Shoe

Where you want to wear the shoe will significantly determine the type of pinstripe shoe that’s ideal for you. If in need of a classic look, get shoes with classic navy blue or charcoal grey shoes. They make you feel bolder and comfortable when matched with suits. What do you look for in pinstripe suits?

The complementing suites must cover your shoulders with a natural drape and a well-shaped waistline. Ensure the matching tie and shirt are not looking weird when the shoe is worn. A competent tailor can custom-make these items by ensuring they are close to the shoe color.

Outsourcing Pinstriped Shoes

Most fashion houses have these shoes, but it’s difficult for most folks to access them there. However, a visit to different clothes and shoe shops can give you access to several pairs of these shoes. Acquiring a well-fitting shoe is paramount to your comfort while walking and resting. Avoid shoes that leave no space when worn when buying. A few inches of space is crucial for comfort and growth allowance.

Check on the shoe material before committing your hard-earned money. Leather quality is long-lasting and easy to maintain when compared to other shoe making materials. Also, you need shoes that will not yield to sweat and can be cleaned with ease.


Nothing gives a man a distinctive look than a matching outfit. Surprise your colleagues and friends by buying a pinstriped matching outfit.

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