Make A Difference With A Career In Social Justice

If you’ve always wanted your career to stand for something and make a difference in the world around you, then a career in social justice may be the right path. Jobs in the fields of social justice and human rights are rewarding, competitive, and challenging. Jobs in human rights and social justice make a difference in people’s lives and society. Here are some of the most prominent and rewarding careers in the field of social justice careers.

Human Rights Lawyer

A Human Rights Lawyer is one of the most popular and rewarding social justice careers. Lawyers who specialize in human rights advocate on behalf of victims of human rights violations, abuse, discrimination, and other citizens’ rights violations. Many human rights lawyers work for nonprofit agencies, private law firms, international organizations, private citizens, and other organizations. A lawyer’s salary in this field can vary depending on the type of organization or business they are employed by. Nonprofit organizations pay the least while a private firm could pay into the six-figure range.

Social Service Worker

A Social Service Worker has to be very dedicated to making change and helping people with specific needs associated with social justice and human rights issues. A social service worker is responsible for connecting people with the right services, agencies, and programs to help them get the services and assistance they need. A social service worker often has to deal with child abuse, elderly abuse, discrimination, and domestic violence.

Program Officer

Program office jobs that deal with social justice play a role in creating and managing programs that bring about and influence social change. Jobs in this field lay the groundwork for real change in human rights. Program office jobs don’t deal directly with victims of human rights violations. A program officer often works closely with local organizations and community partners to implement and manage new programs they’re putting into effect. A program officer should have skills in program development, management, monitoring and evaluation, and program research and analysis.

If you’ve always wanted to play a crucial role in society and help end injustice, then a social justice career is the answer. There are many facets to a career in this field, and there are many different types of jobs available, no matter what your skills may be. Human rights careers is not a get rich type of career. It’s a career choice for those who want to help others and end social injustice.

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