Life Size Dummy Halloween Décor Ideas

Are you tired of displaying the same Halloween props every year? Do you want to keep things fresh and interesting? Lots of people would like to innovate with a new concept each year but they don’t really have the budget for this type of project. Buying new stuff annually can be a drain on scarce resources. An alternative is to get reusable and versatile items such as a life size dummy. You can dress it up and pose it any way you like. Below are just some ideas that you can try with your dummy:

Ghost Pirate

If you like pirate stories, then imagine sailors who were shipwrecked from a long time ago. They may still be haunting the seas and visiting current sailors. You can make them come to life in your own Halloween displays. Dress up the dummy with a pirate hat, wig, eye patch, boots, and old coat. Just use items from your own closet to create the figure in your mind. Place a plastic bird replica on its arm. Make your pirate sit on your bench or your porch to welcome your guests.

Powerful Witch

Consider creating a witch that is both scary and powerful. You can go for the stereotype old hag or you could also reimagine witches are awesome wielders of magic. A black drape or blanket may do for the clothes. Find a disheveled white wig and a pointed hat. Get a traditional broom to complete the look. You can get different masks online as well. If you are handy with tools, then you could make the dummy ride a broom and suspend it from the brand of a tall tree.

Life size dummy , One of the easiest things to do is dress up the dummy as a mummy. You will not need a lot of props. Just something to wrap around the body which could be tissue rolls, crepe paper, bandages, or a similar material. You could make the face more interesting by sewing an eye or two that peeks through the bandages. It’s a classic.

Scary Zombie

Zombies have been all the rage for the past decade. It would be easy to mimic them since the premise is that they are regular people who have been turned by other zombies. Thus, they are usually wearing regular clothes although these have been tattered and stained with blood. Use food coloring or catsup to get that look. You could also throw mud at old clothes.

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