Important Details Of Cafe Design

A business ultimately only does as well as its floor plan. It needs to allow room for the preparation of its goods as well as space for its customers and displayed goods.. It also needs some storage room as well as an office or two for management to deal with the books. A retail space also needs a place for customers to pay out when they are done shopping. This applies as much to cafe design as it does office buildings and is something that needs to debated. This means that a cafe owner is likely to make a number of decisions about how his space is used when he first draws up plans for the cafe. The good news is that these do not need to be all of that binding.

One of the biggest questions is whether or not the cafe will handle customers or not. While it may seem counter-intuitive, especially as we are used to thinking of a cafe as somewhere that we go to eat, there may be plenty of sitting space in the area, especially if it is near a mall or park, and most of the seats can be outside the cafe. There may also be good reasons to keep the cafe seatless, especially if the room allowed for the cafe is somewhat small. Any seating needs to avoid any flow areas within the cafe, and allow for servers to get to the tables without problems. A good cafe design will allow for all of these variables.

The office also needs to be allowed for in the cafe design. It does not need to be a large space, but the person doing the bookkeeping does need to be isolated from the rest of the cafe space. As the office also allows for a location of greater security, allowing private paperwork to remain private, it also helps to aid in the cafe’s security. While you are looking at small areas, lavatories and cleaning sinks should also be allowed for; the customers and workers need a place to relieve themselves and the mops and other cleaning supplies need to go somewhere.

There should be some display space around the cashier’s area, both to aid and encourage sales, and there needs to be some space between the seating and the prep area. Keep in mind that even if you are using fresh ingredients, you will need some storage areas for both dry and goods and frozen and/or refrigerated goods in order to ensure that stock can be inventoried and grabbed. Assuming that all of these areas are allowed for, the cafe design should allow the cafe to be a success, making the design one as well.

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