Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs Perth

Every type of hydraulic power system must have one or more hydraulic cylinders. This can be the braking system in an automobile or the tipping mechanism in a tipper truck. It can also be the arm of an excavator or an hydraulic drilling machine. Whatever the case, the cylinder is perhaps the most important part of the system as it converts fluid pressure into linear force. The cylinder is basically a hollow tube with a solid piston rod inside. The piston moves back and forth depending on fluid pressure. The piston has a rubber seal to prevent pressurized fluid from leaking. There are many types of hydraulic cylinders. There is the telescopic cylinder used in cranes, tipper trucks and hydraulic lifts. There is also the single acting and double acting cylinders. Whatever the case, cylinders can get damaged for one reason or another.

Causes of Cylinder Damage

Overloading is a common cause of cylinder problems. If a hydraulic system is overloaded, the compression force acting on the piston rod may force the piston to bend. The oil seal may also get damaged and allow the hydraulic fluid to leak past the piston head to relieve the pressure. That said, a bent piston rod and damaged oil seals are two of the most common hydraulic cylinder problems. Using unfiltered hydraulic fluid may also cause damage to the cylinder as metal filings, among other solid particles, may find their way into the cylinder and cause damage to the inner walls.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs Perth

If you have a damaged cylinder, repairs can be carried out by an expert to ensure you can continue using the cylinder. For instance, if the only problem you have is a damaged seal, the technician will open up the unit and replace the seal before reassembling the unit. If the piston is bent, you will have two options. The first is to replace it, in which case, the technician can find a suitable replacement or fabricate one. The second option is to straighten the piston rod and reinstall it. Both options have pros and cons, so you need to get more information from the firm before making a decision. If the inner walls of the cylinder are worn out, the unit can be taken to a machining workshop for smoothing. Whatever the problem, mechanical engineers can find a solution.

Finding the Right Repair Firm

There are many mechanical engineering firms in Perth that can repair your cylinder. When looking for the right shop, the first thing you need to consider is the amount of experience they have. The qualifications of the technicians, reputation of the shop and their price structure are also key factors to consider.

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