How To Select Small Garden Design Ideas For Your Home

If you are looking for small garden design ideas for your home, you will find plenty of articles in magazines, and on the internet. Most before and after pictures look quite spectacular. You may wonder about which ideas would work well for your home. There are some key issues to consider before you choose one idea over the other. And these include the space available, the amount of sunlight received by it, and of course your budget.

A Small Garden for Your Home

Working on a small garden design ideas for your home can be quite fun. And the good news is that irrespective of your budget and the size of the space available, you can transform most outdoor and indoor areas. Before you begin making plans, it would be a good idea to measure both the vertical as well as horizontal space you intend to use to create a small garden.
Once you have the measurements and have made note of how much sunlight is received by this part of your home, you can begin choosing plants for your garden. The essence of a beautifully planned small garden is to use the negative space just as effectively as the area you will place the plants.

Go Vertical and Horizontal

If you have more vertical space you could use a trellis to build a green living wall. You can achieve this with the help of creepers or you could also place small potted plants on it. It is a good idea to create a small seating area. You can sit here and enjoy your garden. If you have a small backyard, you could raise the level of a flower bed and create a small stone wall around it. You can use this wide barrier as a table, and place chairs next to it.

For balconies and terraces it would be wise to use the wall efficiently. You may like to consider installing shelves on the wall or you could use a trellis instead. An old step ladder or a narrow table may be useful to place potted plants on. Add a little color to your home by installing window boxes and placing your favorite seasonal plants in it. You could also consider creating a herb garden in small terracotta pots.

Lighting plays a key role in the how your garden appears. So, you may like to paint the walls a light shade, so that it creates the perfect background to showcase your verdant greens. Whether it is a cramped backyard, a narrow strip of land next to the fence or a postage stamp sized balcony, you can create a small garden almost anywhere.

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