How To Secure Baby Hair Barrettes?

Baby hair accessories make it easy to tame your baby girl’s hair and make her look trendy and fashionable. With innumerable variations found in hair accessories such as hair bows, hair bands, princess tiaras, and hair clips, choosing the one that is practical as well comfortable for your baby is important. Baby hair barrettes also known as baby hair clips or clasps are often made of molded plastic that folds and snaps together or is in thin metal strips that can be bent into a flat clip. They are usually worn to pull back the front pieces of hair or as an ornamental hair adornment. Barrettes for babies are usually small and are available in fun bright colors or decorated with ribbon bows or flowers. To ensure that these baby girl hair clips stay secured and do not slip from your baby’s fine hair, follow these simple tips listed below in the guide.

1: Clip back the right amount of hair

An important factor to consider when using barrettes on your little one’s hair is to know how much hair you need to secure. A thumb rule to keep the hair clip in place is to ensure that you pick up hair (that you are clipping) that is of the same width of the barrette or a bit more. Taking too little hair does not give the barrette enough to stay secure all day.

2: Attach a Velcro

Velcro barrettes for babies ensure a more secure fit. Take a small piece of Velcro and place it under a small amount of hair. Attach the barrette front to the back of the barrette, with hair flowing through the Velcro. Velcro barrettes are lightweight and stay secured on your infant’s hair without pulling the hair.

3: The shelf Liner trick

This DIY no-slip baby hair barrette stays secured on your baby’s fine hair without causing any discomfort to the little one. To make these clips, all you need to do is to cut a small strip of an anti-slip shelf liner and stick it to the lower part of the clip, ensuring that the smooth side is down. The length of the strip should about thee quarter size of the lower clip and half-inch wider than the clip base. Once the glue has dried, trim any excess that extends past the ends of the clip.

Hair barrettes for babies are a great option to hold back thin, fine baby hair and keep hair out of your baby’s eyes. However, with so many cute and affordable options out there, keeping in mind the size, safety and durability of baby hair barrettes can help you buy the right one for your baby.

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