How To Refresh Your Bathroom With Spending A Fortune

Bathrooms often get worn out quicker than other areas of the house. Frequent use, moisture, and pests can make it look old fast. If you are thinking of selling your house, then you cannot leave it in this shape. It has to be presentable or else potential buyers might be turned off. Even if you plan on staying for a while, it wouldn’t hurt to refresh your bathroom and make it look nicer. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you are strategic in your approach. Go for high impact changes that require little spending. We discuss some examples below:

Clean the Tiles

Tiles look beautiful the day they are installed, especially if you opted for white ones that tend to bounce off the light. The problem is that these will rapidly accumulate dirt on their surfaces making them unpleasant to look at. The grout lines are particularly problematic as it can be difficult to clean them up. Discoloration is also common with age. You could use a tool to scrap off the grout surface just a little bit and then re-grout. It will look as great as it did the first day. If you are not great at DIY, then get some help from the experts in tile cleaning Brisbane.

Paint the Walls

This is a job that most people should be able to do by themselves. In most bathrooms, tiles only reach up to a certain height. The rest of the walls is protected with paint. This could come off after a while or look uneven due to environmental factors. You could try to scrub off the dirt but you will probably be unsatisfied with the result. Go on and buy a can of paint. It’s cheap and it’s easy to apply. Just be sure to scrape off the remaining paint to have to good base. Use a color that goes well with the rest of the room. This is your chance to correct previous design errors.

Redo the Cabinets

The cabinets may also get a refresh. After all, they also cover a wide surface area and hence they can make a big statement after they are changed. There are several ways to do this. You can sand them down and apply a new coat of paint or varnish to protect them from moisture. Use a lighter color to help make the room feel larger. You can also apply vinyl wrap on the visible surfaces if you like a particular treatment. Replace the handles with more modern designs from the hardware store.

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