How To Find Really Cheap Plane Tickets

Travelling can be fun, but sometimes booking a trip can be stressful
when you’re dealing with costly airfare. However, for the savvy traveler, there are many ways to save money on airfare costs. Below are some tips to help you get really cheap plane tickets.

1. Don’t Wait To Book

If you know for certain when and where you will be travelling, don’t wait to book your tickets. Airline tickets tend to get more expensive as the departure date approaches, so you can save money by booking early. Don’t wait for a sale, as your travel dates may be booked up by the time a sale is announced. Be an early bird and book as soon as possible.

2. Look For The Cheapest Day To Fly

If you can be flexible, you can save money by simply choosing to travel on a different day. Airfare prices vary depending on the day of the week you are planning to fly, and it is often cheaper to fly on a weekday than a weekend (from Friday to Sunday). When booking online, try to get a visual of the fare prices for a whole month to see which days are the cheapest for traveling.

3. Go Incognito When Searching For Flights

You should always search for flights in incognito or private browsing mode since flight prices can increase when a particular route is searched a number of times based on the cookies in your web browser. This is because the website wants to scare you into booking the flight right away before the prices get higher. You can avoid this by enabling the incognito function on your browser, which will open a new window where your information is not being tracked. This will ensure that you will not be inflating the airfare prices as you search.

4. Book Connecting Flights Yourself

If you’re flying somewhere that requires a flight connection, it may be cheaper to book the two legs of the trip separately on your own instead of having the airline do it for you. However, be careful that you do not book tight layovers or layovers that are hours apart.

5. Pay In A Different Currency

Before booking a flight, check if the fare is cheaper if paid in another currency instead of the currency of the country you’re departing from. This is especially true if there is a wide variance in the currency of the country you are travelling to. When doing this, ensure that you use a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees.

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