How To Ensure You Buy Authentic White Huarache Sandals

Huarache refers to handmade Mexican sandals designed through a traditional weaving technique. The wearability and convenience that these sandals offer prides in their origin. It is one of the comfortable and durable shoe types that has gained popularity across generations. Huaraches sandals are suitable for walking or working in hot weather since they allow air to flow on the wearer’s feet. They represent a classic shoe design that will always remain fashionable. Highlighted here are few tips that will help you purchase authentic white huarache sandals.

Check to be sure that the shoe you pick molds perfectly around your feet. It should also endure the environment it’s subjected to. A genuine huarache is usually strong enough to last for a long time without losing its effectiveness. It’s an aspect that has seen this Mexican sandal continue to thrive from generation to generation.

Both men and women weavers have passed their knowledge of the traditional weaving method to generations. It’s this technique that will differentiate an authentic woven huarache sandal from others. A genuine pair of sandals is made of real leather straps crisscrossed to give a beautiful interweaved handmade huarache. The sandal sole should be made of flat leather, where the interwove straps are sewed on.

Besides meeting the traditional weaving customs and designs of huaraches, the package containing the authentic huarache sandal should list the material used in making the shoe. Check to be sure that the packaging indicates the material as real leather or made of animal products. Any description on your sandals package that states human-made material means the shoe is not authentic.

Who does not know the smell of real leather? Try to smell up the product at a close range. Generally, leather has a musky odor enough to send you out of the room. If the shoe does not expel the natural musky smell of leather, this means it’s not a genuine huarache sandal.

Water is also a perfect solution to establish the authenticity of these sandals you are looking to buy. Pour some water on the sandal sole. If it absorbs, be sure the sandals are authentic, but if the water drops slide off, keep looking until you find genuine white huaraches.

While it’s important to confirm critical aspects of a genuine Mexican sandal, you should also ensure your white huarache sandals provide maximum comfort as you walk around. Thus, wear the sandals you intend to buy. Stroll around to be sure it feels soft and fits well. Pick a design that guarantees a comfortable walk experience of a genuine leather huarache sandal.

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