How To Ensure Fast PCB Prototyping Services?

Launching a hardware product is already a complex and expensive process. You need different types of components to make a product. Some of these items are sourced from other manufacturers and suppliers. You will need fast PCB prototyping services to ensure quick launching of your product in the market. It gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors. You can reach your target consumers before other companies. It is important to choose the right manufacturer or your prototype PCBs will be delivered late.

Things That Can Slow down Your Prototype PCB Order

There are several things that can cause delay in receiving your prototype PCBs. You do not have to compromise on things necessary for your board. The board fabrication time will increase if you need multiple laminations. Each lamination adds about 2 days to the PCB fabrication process. If at the prototype stage, this many laminations are not necessary, reduce the number of laminations. Via-in-pad will increase this process by a day. Do you really need it or prefer fast fabrication? Additional time is needed if both surface mount and edge connectors require surface finish separately. Look for all such factors that increase the PCB manufacturing time.

Manufacturer Location

This is another factor that affects how fast you are going to receive your PCB. A manufacturer located in another country is going to deliver it late. Even if a fast shipping service is used, the product will take several days to arrive. A local PCB manufacturer will deliver it fast. At the same time, you must check if such a manufacturer is the right one for the types of boards and services you need. Go with a reliable manufacturing partner that can give assurance of quick services and fast delivery. Some companies can deliver it quickly while others will take time.

Other Factors That Affect PCB Production Time

What type of quality do you need in your PCBs? Most manufacturers offer the highest quality PCBs so there is no compromise in the quality of the boards. The manufacturer must comply with the stringent quality check and industry benchmark requirements. You should provide a well-made PCB design file so the manufacturer can get to the work quickly. The number of boards can affect the time it takes to make the PCBs. At the prototype stage, you will generally order only a few PCBs so it will not take much time to make those boards. If the types of components you need are not currently in stock or their production is delayed, it will take more time to make your boards.

Prepare a checklist of all such factors and see where you are ready to dilute your strict requirements. It will ensure you receive fast PCB prototyping services.

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