How To Choose The Right Large Frame Sunglasses For Your Face

Large frame sunglasses never really go out of style. Aside from being a bold fashion statement, large frames offer more coverage from the sun compared to regular-sized pairs. Out on errands with no make-up on? Large frames are the perfect accessory that lets you go incognito in style.

Whether you have a small face or full features, large frame sunglasses can be flattering especially if you know how to wear them the right way. Read on to know-how.

Make sure the nose pads fit

Oversized frames tend to slip when worn on faces with small frames. This causes the lower part of the frames to slip down and reach your cheeks especially when you smile, which creates a not-so-flattering look. Avoid frames that cover half your cheeks at all costs! Make sure that the nose pads are snug on the bridge of your nose to prevent slipping and to keep the frames on a more comfortable position on your face.

Don’t go for the bug-eyed look

Large frame sunglasses should cover your eyes and a certain part of your face. However, they shouldn’t be too large that you end up looking like you’re drowning in the frame. Avoid the bug-eyed look by making sure that your pupils sit on the top third of the lens, centered horizontally, with your eyebrows visible.

Choose the frame shape that suits your face

Oversized glasses are a bold statement in themselves so if you want to keep it subtle, go for oversized frames with the right frame shape. For rounded faces, go for cat-eye glasses that draw the viewer’s attention up, creating a longer face. Angular frames are also ideal because they make rounded faces appear narrow. Narrow, oblong-shaped faces can rock any shape of eyewear, from wide and rectangular to round frames.

Do the Smile test

The Smile test is a great way to know if the frame is the right size for you. If you smile and the frame rises noticeably off your nose bridge, it’s too small and you should move on to the next pair.

You have so many options when it comes to oversized sunglasses. From vintage cat-eyes to aviators, you can make a classy yet bold statement with a single accessory, especially if you choose your frames well. Keep the tips above in mind next time you go shopping for oversized sunglasses to make sure that you can snag the perfect pair.

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