How To Capture Candid Wedding Photography Sydney

Gone are the days when wedding photography was all about formal shots or photography. Nowadays, many couples have displayed a high interest for more natural shots of their wedding, their guests and themselves having a good time. This is contrary to being lined up for a shoot or being alerted to smile before every picture is taken. Nonetheless, candid wedding photography Sydney is not all about pointing a camera and taking pictures. Here are some tips to help you take quality, unobtrusive and candid shots.

Ready Yourself

As a candid photographer, the first and most vital thing you need to do is to get your camera ready. This means that you need to be intuitive and creative. Reading the situation and anticipating the next move will help you to capture excellent candid shots. Make sure that your shutter speed, aperture white balance and many other features are set in an ideal manner. This allows you to be ready for each moment.

Understand your Equipment

Failing to understand the ins and outs of your camera may be costly and lead to missing out on the best moments. Familiarize yourself with each setting to help you to adapt to various conditions. Although having the pro DSLR camera is a good thing, you also need to arm yourself with a smaller camera.

Use an Ideal Lens

Capturing candid shots when you are not standing in front of the subject you want to take pictures of can be a daunting task. As such, you must invest in a good zoom lens in a bid to capture shots from a distance. Staying unnoticed is key to taking candid pictures of the guest, bride and groom. A zoom lens helps you to maintain the desired intimacy of the pictures being taken.

Avoid Using Flash

Using a flash can cause people to notice you while taking pictures during a wedding. In fact, the light coming from the flash may not only be boring but also unflattering. In case, the wedding setting has shortage of light, you need to use creative techniques to brighten up the shots. Some of these effective tips include opening up the aperture, slowing up the shutter or increasing the ISO among many others.

Planning Ahead is Important

Planning early can go a long way in assisting you to take some excellent shots. For this reason, you may need to consider visiting a wedding venue ahead of the event in a bid to scout for some suitable locations to take quality pictures. Nonetheless, if you cannot visit the location, make sure that you arrive early before the wedding starts.

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