How To Buy The Best Prescription Glasses

According to research, 75% of us need glasses! In other words, three out of four of us require vision correction. With the amount of time spend staring at screens, the age effect and loss of focus flexibility, the figures make sense. Besides, many people are born with low vision. However, the main challenge is usually getting the right prescription glasses for your needs. Below tips will enable you to select the best Reglaze Prescription Glasses.

An up-to-date Eyewear Prescription

The recommended validity of a prescription is two years for adults and one year for children. Therefore, ensure that your prescription is up to date, if not, visit your optician to get a new one. Furthermore, any moment you get your eyesight examined, you will be given a copy of the prescription by your optometrist. If you are ordering your glasses online, ensure that you understand the abbreviation and terms used in your prescription for corrective glasses.

Select the Right Frames

One secret of having the right pair of glasses is getting a perfectly fitting frame. Hence, you need to know your frame size, especially if you are buying online. Moreover, choose a frame that will compliment your facial features and enhances your overall look. It means you will select a frame that will provide contrast to the shape of your face. Also, the frame should match your style. Smaller frames will be stunning on a less pronounced face whereas you need a broad and sizeable facial shape to pull-off big framed eyeglasses.

Avoid Add-ons to Lower the Cost

Eyeglasses can be worn with several accessories such as anti-scratch, anti-reflective coating, polycarbonate lens, among other add-ons. Although they may seem to be necessary, these add-ons can crank up the price of your eyeglasses. Therefore, you need to figure out what is necessary and compare the prices with other retailers. Settle for the final price and not the advertised deal that got you into the store.


Getting the right prescription glasses may involve a bit of research and shopping around. When you have the correct prescription from your optician, ensure that you purchase a perfectly reasonable eyeglass frame. You may buy the frames online or in person at a local optical store. For online purchasing, get to know your pupillary distance (PD), which will help position lenses on your glasses. Moreover, eyeglasses get damaged easily. Therefore, consider having an extra pair, or the flexibility to change the Reglaze Prescription Glasses.

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