How Golf Club Angles Affect Your Game

Golf club angles are the most important equipment for the sport. Getting the right ones is crucial if you would like to perform at your best. Suboptimal clubs will also result in suboptimal performance despite your best efforts. Don’t let your tools get in the way of your progress. Study them and what they can do. Then you can harness them in the correct way when the situation calls for it. For example, be sure to learn more about golf club angles and how they can affect your game. Let’s look into two of the most important ones: the golf club loft and the golf club lie.

Golf Club Loft

The loft is the angle between the face of the club’s head and the shaft. This is an important detail because it will help you select the right club to see in various situations around a course. The main thing to remember is that smaller angles provide a lower lift such that the trajectory of the ball has a low angle. This works best if you are aiming to place the ball a long distance from where you are standing. For example, drivers typically have lofts that are between 8 and 13 degrees.

Bigger angles have the opposite effect. They will tend to lift the ball higher to create a more pronounced trajectory while reducing the travel distance. In other words, the force that hits the ball is stronger on the vertical axis and weaker on the horizontal axis. This is most apparent with a lob wedge which many will use to get out of the sand pit. Here you want the ball to lift high and go to the safety of the greens nearby. Most shots will require a careful mental calculation to select a midrange club with just the right amount of tilt for the angle and distance required.

Golf Club Lie

The lie is the angle between the ground and the shaft when you are getting ready to hit a ball. There is no single correct or ideal lie angle because this will depend on the golfer’s height and arm length, among other things. Since it is so variable, it is recommended for new players to get fitted in a professional setting. This is just like runners getting fitted for the right shoes. Golfers will be recorded on video as they swing the club to check their body mechanics, tendencies, and measurements.

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