How Can The HR App For Business Central Help Your Business?

An HR app can help your business run more smoothly. With Business Central, you can access a wealth of HR reports. These include reports dealing with information on employee data, absence registration, and more. For example, absence registration can be viewed by cause of absence for all employees or per employee, as well as by date. In addition, all reports can be exported to Excel, allowing you to export important data to your employees. Business Central also lets you view information about employees’ attendance and other key metrics.

Employee self-service portal

One of the most effective ways to improve employee satisfaction and productivity is by implementing an employee self-service portal. Employees will enjoy many benefits, such as updating personal information online, seeing their schedules, and checking payroll without contacting HR. The process will also save HR staff time, and employees will feel more empowered. In addition to allowing employees to do their tasks, self-service portals can be tied to onboarding and recruiting.

With a self-service portal, employees can track their own time, submit absences, and request leave. They can also access the most relevant HR documents on the go, such as travel policies and reimbursement policies. Employees can also view information about the various benefits plans offered by their company, such as health care and retirement plans. All of this can be done from the convenience of the workplace or anywhere, using any device. Moreover, there are no passwords required.

Improves employee experience

A company’s employee experience is measured by how well its processes and systems are designed for employees. In terms of efficiency, companies with great employee experiences grow 1.5 times faster, pay better, and produce more revenue. Furthermore, they are four times more profitable. With HR apps like Office365, companies can improve employee experience across the entire organization. By adding more employee-friendly features, HR managers can improve employee satisfaction and loyalty, leading to higher revenue and lower attrition.

While some factors influence employee experience, it is directly linked to the bottom line. Employees that have a good experience at work are more engaged and productive. This helps keep recruiting costs down and allows you to move talented individuals into critical positions faster. In addition to improving employee satisfaction, employee engagement can improve customer experience. Therefore, HR applications can help you achieve both these goals.

Saves time

A good HR app for Business Central will keep you organized and on top of your employees’ information. With HR apps for Business Central, you can track employee details such as basic information, time off requests, and access to paystubs and documents. You’ll also save time completing administrative tasks, such as creating and submitting timesheets. In addition, you’ll be able to manage your employees’ information and get them up to date with the latest information, including absences and sick days. The HR app for Business Central has a mobile application for the same purpose.

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