Hiring The Best Goldfields Physio

When you have been injured, undergone surgery or suffered a certain illness, you will need physiotherapy services after recovering from treatment. This will help you regain full mobility and use of your body organs. A physiotherapist is a professional trained in human anatomy, so they know how each part of your body works as well as how to improve their functionality. They know how to improve the condition of the lungs, heart, limbs and all the muscles around the body. Their knowledge, skills and expertise can also help to ease pain associated with arthritis among other types of medical conditions.

Every hospital has a physiotherapist, but there are also medical facilities that have specialised in physiotherapy. To get the best services, therefore, you need to compare local physiotherapists to identify the best one for your needs. Read on to learn how to pick the right Goldfields physio.

What to Look for in a Physio


You should never let an unqualified person touch your body. When you need physiotherapy services, you should search for accredited physiotherapists with valid practicing licences issued by the government of Western Australia. Only licensed professionals are authorized to offer physio services, so be sure to check the licences held by different physios before making a decision.


While most of the physios you find online are licensed, their experiences differ greatly. To get the best results possible, be sure to choose the most experienced physiotherapist. Therefore, the number of years a physio has been offering services to the public must be taken into consideration.

Treatment Time Per Session

Most physiotherapists usually charge their fees per session. Physios who are always busy usually reduce their treatment time to accommodate more patients. For instance, they may offer 30-45 minute sessions instead of hourly sessions. Since you want to get the best possible outcomes, be sure to choose physios with long treatment sessions.


Every physio charges their own hourly rate or fixed fee per session. While you cannot put a price on good health, it is recommended you look for a physio with a reasonable price structure. After all, you do not want to fork out over a hundred dollars per session or per hour yet you can get the same services at a different facility at half the price, or even less. Therefore, be sure to compare hourly rates before making a decision.

Look and Feel of the Facility

When you go for Goldfields physio sessions, you want to feel comfortable. Therefore, you need to compare how different facilities look and feel before making a decision.

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