High Waisted Shorts As Perfect Fits For All Pole Dancers

Most people tend to associate “pole dancing” with the kind of performance that you find in strip clubs. While the sexy side cannot be excluded, there are three main categories of pole dancing: art, sport, and sexy. Irrespective of the type of pole dancing you are interested in, your performance is dependent on two major aspects: your flexibility of dancing and the costumes that you wear.

Pole dancing costumes come in a wide range of options but the shorts are touted to be the epitome of them all. In the pole dancing shorts market, the high waisted types are the most popular owing to their comfortable nature and ability to bring out your personal appeal. According to the best pole dancing clothes reviews, the high waisted pole shorts not only make you appear cuter but also perfect for the dancing stage. What’s more, they are great for all dancers, irrespective of your level of performance.

Perfect Costume for the Stage

Of course, the shorts have to be complemented with other great pole dancing outfits as the pieces have to complement each other so as to bring out the best in you. If you are just starting your pole dancing career, you need comfortable high waisted shorts and a few accessories, including a sports bra, a vest top, or a bra top. Your choice of the high waisted shorts can be of any color but plain black is favored by many pole dancers.

There are a few things that you should avoid to get the most out of your high waisted pole shorts:

• Trainers: They should be avoided unless your fitness expert has advised you to wear them. Pole dancing is best done bare-feet so as to have a better grip on the pole.

• Leggings: So as to have an enhanced exposure of your skin for better gripping.

• Bracelets and Rings: As you can guess, these may scratch you, resulting in serious injury when dancing. You should make sure that they are taken off before you get to the stage.

After moving from the beginner’s category, you need quality pole dancing costumes to perform at an advanced level. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss a pair of high waisted shorts of flashy colors in your closet. You should go for sparkling colors and perfect prints as the shorts make you look experienced and cuter on stage. The flashy shorts go well with sports bras.


Regardless of your pole dancing experience, you require a pair of comfortable high waisted shorts in your collection. The shorts will go a long way in complementing other pieces of your pole dancing costume, allowing you to have a generalized perfect onstage presence.

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