Helpful Information About Aircraft Masking

Masking aircraft when painting or removing paints can be helpful. It would be useful for you to cover valuable parts of airplanes with masking. You can use aluminum tape foils and other covers to protect your plane.
Concealing delicate parts of aircraft can be helpful when painting. Moreover, it will help in reducing dangers that might affect engines and other parts of airplanes. Here are useful things you must learn about aircraft masking.

Aircraft Masking Canopy

When you are painting aircraft or coating cracks, you need to find the best canopies. On scale model aircraft, you must look for a fitting canopy. Therefore, consider looking for a canopy that can conceal vital parts of an airplane.

Technicians understand the best canopy that can be used to cover airliners. Moreover, many technicians have worked in this industry for an extended duration. For this reason, they can offer you the right canopy for your aircraft. Ensure it can fit into your jets and provide the needed protection.

Masking Aircraft for Surface Finishing

While doing surface finishing on aircraft, you need to do masking. You require masking on airplanes to protect parts that do not want to get exposed to the finishing process.

Given that many aircraft are significantly made up of aluminum, you need to conceal some parts during a rigorous process. Where treatment must be avoided or is not required, you have to conceal. For instance, masking aircraft engines can be essential when doing surface finishing.

Limiting Anodic Coating

At times, you might have to allow aircraft masking to control anodic coating. Besides, you will avoid applying an anodic layer in the same area several times. For instance, an aluminum part of aircraft might be type III anodized in one area and type II anodized in another section. By coating some areas, you avoid anodizing the non-essential areas. In the applications of chem film on aircraft, you can conceal some parts. Also, phosphate and black oxide coating require masking of airplanes.


When painting, removing coats, coating, or anodizing planes, you need to conceal some delicate parts. Moreover, you can apply canopies on areas that do not have to undergo a process. There are various ways you can use it when masking aircraft.

From applying canopies and paint stripping to masking tapes, you can conceal aircraft. However, you need to understand the helpful information provided in this article. You will understand the best ways to use when masking an aircraft.

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