Guide To Vintage Turkish Rugs

When you want to go to a real estate agent, make sure that the commission is not your parameter of choice. Do you know which is the second question that is asked by those who sell a house to a real estate agent? Vintage Turkish Rugs are great for your new home.

There are many real estate agents who are willing to overestimate your home to take on an extra sales assignment. In this case the damage for you is enormous. Today the houses for sale at an excessive price are not sold because they are discarded a priori by the potential buyer.

If a house goes on sale for many months because of the wrong price it was given, a bad thing will happen for the house itself: the people who see it will begin to point to it as the house that is not sold and will stop taking it in consideration and slowly will disappear from the top positions on real estate portals and specialized sites.

In short, it will end in what your call stalemate. Once it ends there you really have to work hard to make it resurrect. Moreover, once you are convinced, to lower the price you will have other problems: – If your house when it was put up for sale was worth $100,000 and the market has fallen by 10% now you will have to sell it for $90,000 otherwise you won’t be in line with the prices of the others;

After months that people see the house for sale on the sites and on the real estate portals they think it has some problems, otherwise someone would have bought it, for this reason you may find yourself having to compromise in order to sell it. Don’t choose a real estate agent just because they is willing to exaggerate evaluate your property.

How can you tell if the real estate agent is evaluating your property correctly? First of all, they must make an inspection and collect the house documents; – then they must take the measurements and calculate the commercial square footage; – must then analyze the competition, ie the other houses for sale today with characteristics similar to yours. Improve the appearance of your home with Vintage Turkish Rugs.

You must then analyze the houses with similar characteristics sold on the area in the last semester; – then it must analyze the quotations given by the Agency of the territory regarding the type of property; – finally it will have to analyze the purchase requests that are there today for your home. Having done all this, they will have to put everything together and calculate the most probable realizable price.

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