Guide To Quality Sample Drilling

To ensure the stability of the wall during Quality Sample Drilling and the bottom of the hole, where necessary, a coil of coating pipes or a fluid generally consisting of a mixture of water and bentonite (in a percentage of 3-5%) is used.

Bentonite is a very plastic volcanic clay. The bentonite mud is characterized by a volume weight slightly higher than that of water and by thixotropy, or by a very high viscosity in a state of rest and much less in the state of motion.

These characteristics make the bentonitl mud particularly suitable not only for supporting the walls and the bottom of the excavations during the execution, for example, of bored piles and diaphragms but also to perform a transport function of the excavated rotor.

Keeping the mud level higher than that of the pitch prevents water from entering the hole and ensures its stability. However, an impermeable film is formed on the surface of the hole which does not allow permeability tests and piezoric measurements.

The results of a Quality Sample Drilling are shown in a stratigraphic chart where, in addition to the general data concerning the building site and the equipment used, the succession of the layers with the description of each of them, the depth of the stratum, the depth of the extracted samples, depth and results of tests performed during drilling.

A water lifting system from the wells is characterized by the presence of both pumps for the discharge of water, and the pipe systems for the final distribution of lifting systems from the artesian wells can vary in power and size depending on customer needs and the amount of water available: for this reason it is necessary to contact companies. They use specialized in the supply and installation of lifting systems and pumping systems of the highest quality, specific for each type of well.

From the decades of experience of technicians already involved in the sector to manage the assistance and maintenance of wells and installed systems, Australian drilling companies have been able to confirm the vocation for technological innovation, combining the search for maximum performance at the best price , with the guarantee of total reliability. Thanks to the experience gained working with the major national and foreign manufacturers, we are able today to manage all the phases of the delicate service of assistance and maintenance.

They can handle on request: localization and fault diagnosis, repair of pumps, provide assistance service, modifications of already existing plants and maintenance service. The drilling technology deployed is advanced and efficient.

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