Guide To Pop Culture Tees

Today, shirts that have cufflinks are primarily intended for exclusive ceremonies or business events. Even if, in recent years, the tendency to use this model in less “fashion” contexts has spread: just choose cufflinks with a more casual design, made for example in fabric. In this case we can distinguish between single cufflinks from twins or double cuffs depending on whether or not the cuff is folded on itself.

Unlike women’s fashion, men’s fashion offers in most cases simple and clean lines, easy to match and suitable for any occasion, which can be easily revisited in a casual or more elegant way, for special occasions.

The derby model shoes are a true classic of the male wardrobe, a garment that really can never be missing. Some brands offer Pop Culture Tees in navy blue suede, with a synthetic lining and a light brown rubber sole. The shoe is soft to the touch, slightly pointed. The male derbies are extremely versatile: they can be suitable for both more casual and elegant outfits.

For example, you could combine them with a classic white shirt, chino pants and a nice belt, maybe combined, and you would have an elegant look but not too elaborate, suitable even for the youngest. On the contrary, for a more casual occasion, you could combine it with a pair of light wash jeans and a shirt with a mandarin collar. In this way you will have a more sporty but still sophisticated look. Also available in brown, for men with a more classic look, but also in a bright blue, for those who instead like to dare a little more, but never exaggerate. In short, a classic pair of shoes that matches anything, a true evergreen.

The leather used is of high quality, for this reason, if taken care of properly, the derbies proposed by Pop Culture Tees will prove to be an excellent investment, because they will last over time. The range of colors proposed adapts to every need: dark blue and brown for more classic looks, while blue for more casual ones.

The dress is of excellent workmanship, the seams are well made and in general it has an excellent quality to price ratio. The complete jacket an Pop Culture T-shirts can also be reused in less formal occasions, perhaps combining the jacket with jeans and more casual lace-ups, for a sophisticated yet informal look.

Suede is much more delicate, therefore it needs more care especially in case of rain. Suede leather can be difficult to remove stains, so you will need special products or the help of a shoemaker.

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