Guide To Plastic Sheet Suppliers

Depending on whether you need a bottle in which to put content or a small plastic part as part of a set, there are dozens of options. You must not only decide on the colour and style of the plastic, but also its durability and chemical composition. Will consumers be willing to purchase of materials containing an organic synthetic compound, such as bisphenol A (BPA)?

What will be the final cost of your marketing idea? How long do you expect your consumers to be able to use it? How do you decide what will really work for you and your budget? The answers to these questions may seem difficult and make things more complex on the road from idea to market. However, the best part is that Australian plastic sheet suppliers offer a wide array of materials from which to choose.

Choosing the best plastic for your business

What are some of the many plastic material options available in the industry? Here is a description of the appropriate uses for the most used plastics.

PET – Polyethylene terephthalate is a transparent and resistant polymer, impermeable to gases and moulds. It is often used in the design of bottles and containers for drinks and sodas. HDPE is a very dense polyethylene with waterproof properties and it is used for packaging liquid food. It is also used in the composition of milk bricks, packs of water and fruit juice as well as that of shopping bags.

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) is transparent and resistant to high impact. It is a flexible and stretchable material used to make, among others things, plastic films. It is also used to make shoe soles and garden hoses.

LDPE is a low-density, transparent, flexible and solid polyethylene. It makes shopping bags, garbage bags and flasks. LDPE can be used to cover secondary packaging, such as cartons of milk or fruit juice. Vacuum bags are also often made of LDPE.

Polypropylene or PP is a very strong plastic that can be used to make, among other things, bottle caps. It also has a very high melting point and can therefore be in contact with materials, liquids or hot objects. PP is used for food or take away packaging, such as Tupperware and Rubbermaid products.

Polystyrene (PS) is a versatile plastic that is used in its clear and solid form, or in its “foam” form. Many industries use the material for insulation or in products, such as peanut wrappings, egg cartons, packaging trays and hangers. Polystyrene is also useful for packaging material that is designed to protect objects during shipping.

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