Guide To Lice Heat Treatment

When using the Lice Heat Treatment, it is important to keep in mind that if there are many and already grown, it may not produce the effect 100%. Mix hot water and vinegar, in equal parts and apply with dry hair.

The Mayonnaise and vinegar combination is really effective to eliminate lice and nits. It also provides shine and hydration to the hair. On the other hand, the fragrances of coconut, jasmine, anise or geranium oils can kill lice and are very easy to apply. They are less harmful to the scalp than other chemicals.

Apply pure lavender oil, only for the roots. Try to do it with gloves, as it can cause allergies or discomfort in your hands. Soak the head of the affected person and cover with a hat for a few hours. Then wash the hair as usual and repeat the process a week later.

Apply a good amount of this oil on the entire scalp and cover with a plastic cap and let it work all night. Then wash the hair as it happens and pass a special comb for lice and nits throughout the hair.

A louse lives between thirty and forty days: one month and two bugs. But no, we do not have that luck. It turns out that a female can put up to 200 eggs every day that in little more than a week become adult bugs and so the hell starts again in a circle of disgust and despair that seems never to end.

All this happens twenty-four hours in the head of almost 100% of the world’s children while mothers and fathers suffer, we hate them-lice-and we devised strategies to end the invasion that our children’s heads suffer from. daughters

Archeology reports that nits have been found in Egyptian mummies of five thousand years of age along with fine combs in their tombs. It is believed that the first lice inhabited chimpanzees before the missing link of evolution.

Lice have been on the ground for as many years as human beings, there is no definitive cure, nor a vaccine. They only lodge in the head as its name indicates – since let’s treat each patient the parasite will persist in the environment.

Within this panorama of despair, what is not so negative is that the presence of lice does not produce great complications, although there are consequences that must be treated of the skin of the scalp, burning sensation, heat and itching, eczema in the case of allergic children, lymphadenopathies, that is, enlarged lymph nodes especially in the neck, scratching injuries, bacterial infections that cause impetigo for esptreptococcus or staphylococcus and alterations of the hair shaft that can cause the hair to look thin , opaque and dry,says the specialist. Visit
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