Guide To Buy Grounding Technology

When you want to buy grounding technology, it is important to select the ideal product range that suits specific applications. In order not to break the earthing system, it is recommend that you make a hole in two steps, using a drill with a small diameter, then a larger diameter.

The earthing can now be placed on the ground in the hole. Its four surfaces must be parallel to the sides of the excavated hole. The pierced face of is the one that must be closest to the wall.

Between the wall and the pierced component, dig a trench whose depth is equivalent to half of the equipment. The trench is used to pass the sheath and the wire.

Push the earth stake in the middle of the component using the mallet. Make several small jerks to avoid hurting yourself. The earth stake must be depressed at least 2 meters deep to ensure effectiveness. The ground stake must protrude from the ground with an overtaking of 15 to 20 centimeters depending on the size of the compoent used. The post is accompanied by a clamp.

When installing the sheath and copper wire, measure the size of the sheath needed (length between the ground stake and the area where the cutoff bar will be fixed) and cut the right length with the cutter. Cut the copper wire and place it in the sheath. About 15 to 20 cm of conductive wire should come out of the sheath on each side. Thread the sheath and the thread into the eye piercing.

Unscrew the hose clamp to route the wire between the ground rod and the screw. For this, elbow the connection wire beforehand. You can then screw on the collar using a combination wrench. Place the concrete cover over the eyes and cover the trench.

When installing the cut-off bar, determine the area of the wall on which you want to attach the bar. With a pencil, mark the fixing points of the bar on the wall, then drill the holes with a perforator. Insert the ankles and fix the bar to the wall.

You can then unscrew the base fixings of the bar with the pipe wrench. The other end of the copper wire can then be inserted into the bar (on the lower bracket). Screw on the fastener to hold it in place.

Connection to the electrical panel: external intervention. Drill a hole a few inches above the cutoff bar: it must be wide enough to allow a flexible sheath to pass through. Pass the sheath into the wall.

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