Getting A Fair Quote From Salvage Car Auction: Top Negotiation Tips

Are you planning to buy a car from a salvage car auction soon? Well, that’s a nice place to start as you are likely to find a wide range of options. However, you have to know that buying a salvage car is more involving than buying a new car. You can’t Google its exact price as it depends on its current condition and how much you are willing to pay. It boils down to how you can handle the negotiation process. In that respect, here are a few tips that you can use to your advantage:

Establish Hard Price

Hard price refers to an amount that you can’t surpass when shopping for a salvage car. It’s the first thing to set before you can face any salvage car dealerships. You can ask around so as to know where to gauge the purchase price. It’s important, nonetheless, not to start making the offer from the hard price. It has to be lower than it.

Check the History Report

The car’s history report tells so much about the vehicle. For example, it informs you if the car was ever involved in a collision or if its title was ever changed. Such details are crucial in establishing the basis of your negotiation.

Know When to Shut Up

Sometimes, all you need to do after declaring your first offer is to keep quiet. This gives the auction dealer enough time to deliberate on your offer. It also shows that you are serious about your offer and you would prefer it to remain that way. But don’t get uncomfortable if the dealer also decides to be quite or fail to make their offer immediately. Strive to wait for them until they make a counteroffer and if you finally decide to counter their offer, don’t go over your hard price.

Inspect and Test

It’s necessary to visually inspect what you are buying. You should inspect external features like the tires, side mirrors, and body plus internal parts like the engine and brakes. If the engine is intact, you can also test drive it to confirm its effectiveness.

Remember the Walkaway Power

Lastly, you shouldn’t show desperation when dealing with salvage car auction dealers. Even if you really like the car but it’s exceeding the hard price, you should walk away to the next dealer and to the next until you get a fair deal.

What you do during the negotiation highly determines the amount that you’ll pay for car salvage. Any auto deal is always great when you can negotiate prices—that’s if you want to enjoy a fair purchase.

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