Fireplace Cleaning – Handy Tips To Clean Your Fireplace

If you want to keep your home safe from fires, you should make sure that your chimney is clean at all times. A clean fireplace means that your home is less likely to catch on fire because someone accidentally trips on their lighter and ignites the wrong material or leaves. You should also consider cleaning the inside of your chimney regularly. This article offers some tips for cleaning your chimney to make sure you do it the right way.

Ensure Safe Cleaning

Always remember that creosote is not the same thing as wood ash. Wood ash has a very distinctive odor, and it will not burn as well as creosote. Make sure that you do not neglect the places that you can easily see. Never use a flammable solvent to clean a stone or brick fireplace; it’s very difficult to remove and generate a serious fire risk. While certain solvents are acceptable to use on brick and stone fireplaces, they are considered very flammable by law, so never use them.

Do Prior Checks

Before cleaning, make sure you have done the inspection. Have you noticed any cracks, chips, signs of deterioration, or any other damage in your chimney? You should inspect it thoroughly before beginning the cleaning process. Before cleaning, make sure the inspection has been completed as well. Doing the inspection first will ensure a successful cleaning process that won’t produce hazards to your health and your family’s safety.

Do a Through Check

During your fireplace cleaning, check the outside and inside of your chimney. Any areas that are damp, hot, or leaking must be repaired right away. For the inspection to be effective, you should also check the vent opening and the insides of your flue pipes. You must identify what caused the problem. If you find out what the problem is, you will be able to fix it on your own and prevent the same problem from happening again.

Ensure Your Safety

Do not clean your chimney with soap and water. Soap and water are considered fire hazards. Also, make sure that you are wearing the proper safety gear such as gloves, goggles, masks, and earplugs before cleaning your chimney. You can buy a variety of chimney cleaning supplies from the hardware store.

Finally, if you feel cleaning the chimney is something you cannot handle, you always have the option to hire a fireplace cleaning and inspection service or request a free consultation.

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