Find Reliable, Caring Animal Transportation

Having a need to transport an animal, especially a family pet or an animal that will become part of the family, can create plenty of anxiety. It can also be stressful to wait on a shipment of livestock, hoping they arrive in good shape, with a clean bill of health. Finding reliable, caring animal transportation is not always easy. Many shippers can make such claims. But, in order to ensure the well being of animals, there are some things to keep in mind, when looking for suitable transporters.

Experience and reputation

In some cases, a friend of a friend can handle a simple job, like getting a family dog or cat to a new home. Sometimes traveling with people who aren’t relocating can be less stressful for pets. But, anyone who transports an animal should have plenty of experience in pet care, including feeding, watering, checking for signs of good health, and providing occasional rest periods. The comfort of the animal is also important. For larger animals, plenty of forage, water, and a way to stay cool are important. Otherwise the animals may arrive hungry and in digestive distress, or dehydrated. These are conditions you want to avoid in shipping any animal, as they can lead to costly veterinary care or total loss.

Direct routes

Try to find transporters who take direct routes. Shippers who try to stop in several out of the way places add more stress to the travels of the animal. It also increases the chances of a breakdown, adding hours or days to the journey, that aren’t necessary. Getting animals transported as quickly and safely as possible, to the desired location, is always the end goal. Animals need to move around and stretch their legs, so delaying the trip adds to their stress. I animals will be traveling more than 8 hours or so, they should have a safe place to unload, stretch their legs, and enjoy a regular feeding. Knowledgeable animal transportation professionals have connections to temporary or overnight ranches, where guest animals can stay safely overnight.

Up front fees and services provided

All animal transporters should provide up front fees, based on mileage, hours traveling, and work required to maintain the animal’s comfort. Transporters should specifically state what services they offer, such as if they are able to provide the right food and water at regular intervals.

It’s always a good idea to ask animal transportation shippers what kind of experience they have, whether they can provide several references, and if they have liability to cover any loss or medical bills. Competent animal transporters have the right eqipment, knowledge, and insurance, to confidently get animals where they need to go, in a reasonable amount of time.

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