Eye Contact Lens Colours

It is natural that in a period of heightened health awareness, people will be a little more hesitant to add anything to any part of their bodies, which could in anyway be carrying something infectious. This includes any medication taken orally, or anything that has to come into contact with a particular part of the body. However, such is the increased level of care and thoroughness of inspection of products before release to the general public, that now is probably the safest it has ever been.

People have always taken great pride in their appearance, but now more than ever, they are using technical advancements to improve their looks further. Previously, it would probably be just stylish clothing, expensive hair products and maybe toning skin creams, but now individuals are changing their look dramatically by focusing on coloured contact lenses.

The transformation can be startling, but safety should be come first with several checks to make to ensure adherence to directives. Firstly, an optician should always be consulted before purchase. All lenses need to be soaked in solution before their first insertion and this procedure should only be undertaken following a thorough washing of the hands. The lenses ought to be removed before sleep, bathing, or swimming. At the first sign of irritation, they need to be removed and medical advice sought. Recommendations regarding duration of wear must be followed; also the lenses must not be inserted if there is any sign of damage, or if they have come into contact with cosmetic products such as deodorants, or hair spays etc.

COVID-19 will continue to be a major concern in all walks of life, so the importance of cleanliness with the lenses is vital. One way of adding extra precautions is to always keep the inserting and removal of the lenses private. A more hygienic way of using the coloured lenses is to switch to daily disposable versions. Whilst this may be a little more inconvenient, they will reduce any risks, plus bring about added peace of mind.

Understanding the basics of an eye prescription can also assist a contact lens wearer, especially the abbreviations that can look like a foreign language, but actually once grasped are reasonably straightforward. Knowing that OS refers to the left eye and OD the right is a major help; likewise SPH standing for sphere, which is the amount of lens power and indicates long or short sightedness.

If every care is taken, then coloured contact lenses can be great fun and a perfect way of temporarily changing your appearance.

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