Explore The Coast By Staying At Big 4 Caravan Parks NSW

New South Wales is one of the most popular regions in Australia thanks to its natural charms and urban jewels. After all, this is where the famous Sydney Opera House is located. The city also boasts of a beautiful Harbour Bridge as well as other attractions. Visitors can go to the beaches, vineyards, waterfalls, and rainforests around the area. There are towns rich in history, culture, and art. With so much to explore, many are choosing to take a caravan with them on a long road trip across the coast. They often stay at Big 4 caravan parks NSW where they can stop to rest and recharge before forging ahead. These places have the following facilities for their guests:

Camp Kitchen

A fully functional kitchen will be there to help guests cook their favourite meals inside the park. They don’t have to go to restaurants just to eat. They can purchase ingredients and other supplies in advance and prepare everything inside. There are even BBQ areas for meat grilling and nearby picnic tables that families can share. The al fresco dining experience feasting on dishes you cooked yourself will surely be more memorable than any fast food meal. This will also be a great way to reduce travel costs and stay safe given the current public health situation.


These camps have amenities that are geared for the whole family. Many feature playgrounds for kids of all ages. Parents can leave their children here while they cook, clean, nap, or fix the car. These ensure that there will be no dull moments for the little ones. There are usually swings, slides, seesaws, and other common fixtures in these play areas. Kids can also opt to simply run around with their siblings or newfound friends in games of tag or hide and seek. They can at least improve their fitness instead of simply staring at a phone screen all day.


Even though these parks are mostly for camping on tents and Big 4 caravan parks NSW, they also have cabins and villas for those who would like to enjoy a higher degree of comfort on their outdoor adventures. These cabins have their own bed and bath so it feels like retiring to your own bedroom. The villas are particularly posh so you can glam up your camping experience. Plan your route across NSW and see which ones have these accommodations available to book them in advance.

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