Elements Of The Best Mens Safari Hats

Spending time outdoors has many benefits, but there are challenges that you must face as well. Being at the mercy of the weather is an example. Indoors, you have a heater and an air conditioner to keep you comfortable all day. Outdoors, you can’t control the sun, the clouds, the rain, the winds, and other things that nature throws at you. You just have to be ready to face them when you go out for an adventure. Wear the appropriate clothing for comfort and protection. Get one of the best mens safari hats you can find while considering the following:

Wide Brim

Our head must remain cool or else we can suffer from heatstroke. This is a dangerous situation when you are outside, especially in the wilderness. You can become nauseous and collapse on the ground. Some people even die. A hat can prevent the sun from bearing down too much on your head by acting as a mobile shade. Since the sun can shine on us from any direction, it would be nice to have one with a wide brim so that our face and neck can be shielded as well.


Air should be able to flow freely through the hat. Otherwise, the air will be trapped and heat up until it becomes unbearable. Safari hats generally have holes at the sides to allow air movement. These also prevent excessive head sweat by letting vapor evaporate outside. Other designs feature a mesh top that is more breathable than other materials. This can also be quite cool to use. There should be enough space between the top of the head and the top of the hat in order for air to circulate.

Light Weight

Since these hats are usually taken in trips, it is good to make sure that these are going to be light and easy to carry. You should be able to wear them all day without even noticing their presence. This also helps in ensuring comfort throughout your activities. Outdoor lovers usually have to pack a lot of items to be self-sufficient during their adventures. Every bit of weight savings can help towards reducing the load and making the journey less taxing.


Another thing that most mens safari hats have in common is that they are highly packable. Most of them are soft and able to fold. As such, they do not take a lot of volume inside the luggage when they are being carried from one place to another. Users can stash them just about anywhere and not worry about a thing. They will go back into shape as soon as they are taken out.

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