Eating Out On A Gluten-Free Plan

If you have decided to eat a gluten-free diet, whether due to celiac disease or for some other reason, then you aren’t alone. More and more people are realizing that gluten is the cause of a number of their ailments. You might believe that it is impossible to eat out while following a gluten-free diet, but this is very far from the truth. As long as you plan ahead, you can eat just about any place that you desire. Here are some tips for ensuring that your dining experiences are as easy and as hassle-free as possible:

Call the restaurant ahead of time

Not everyone is familiar with gluten and gluten-free practices, which is why it’s important to choose a restaurant and call to speak with the manager before heading out. Whether you’ve checked the Capital Grille Menu for some other menu, it is still important to actually speak with someone in charge first. This will help you to ensure that the restaurant you’re going to be going to does, in fact, offer a gluten-free menu.
Don’t hesitate to ask questions

Once you’re at the actual restaurant, ready to place your order, don’t be ashamed to ask questions. If you’re concerned about possible cross-contamination and other preparation methods, you shouldn’t feel as if you’re a bother by asking specific questions. If you find that your hostess or server is failing to answer your questions as you expect, then don’t hesitate to ask for a manager or even leave. You could be risking your health otherwise, especially if you have celiac disease.

Join gluten-free forums

By going online and corresponding with others who currently dine out with gluten sensitivities, you can obtain useful tips. Others can advise you of the best restaurants as well as the best specific dishes to order to ensure strict adherence to your diet.

Take your own salad dressing

If you have researched the restaurant where you’re going to be dining at in advance and you have decided that a salad will be your best bet, then you might want to take your own salad dressing. Many commercial salad dressings contain gluten, and restaurants won’t be as vigilant as you are about checking. So in order to be safe, stashing your favorite homemade or safe store-bought in your bag might be a good idea.

As you can see, eating out when you’re on a gluten-free diet doesn’t have to be impossible. If you take the time and effort to plan in advance as well as ask questions once you’re at the restaurant, then you can have a pleasant experience eating restaurant cuisine without becoming ill.

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