Donating To Military Charities

Giving is good, and it’s something we all know we should do, instinctively. Not only does it make you feel good to give, but it blesses the recipient as well. So it’s a mutual benefit. However, when it comes to donating or giving money to charitable or military organizations, there is a challenge. The main challenge is figuring out which of the 400,000 military charities need your money more.

With so many charities out there, you need to figure out what moves your heart, because that is the same thing that will ultimately move your wallet. So look for charities that move you in some way. Decide what you have an inclination towards. Whether its finding homes for the pets of deployed soldiers, providing supplies to military kids or making a wheelchair accessible to a disabled warrior, you will know which moves you more.

Thereafter you need to decide how you plan on contributing. Will it be a once off donation or an ongoing one. Once you decide that, then half your challenge is over.

Next, you work hard for your money, and you should invest in military charities that are going to be good stewards of your donations or funding. So check to see if there is any way that a particular charity has of you tracking that money and seeing how and for what it was used.

Once you have expelled all the doubts from your mind and you feel that you are ready to give, don’t hesitate and make that donation.

Feeling good about a certain organization is imperative to your giving, however, try not to be a victim of analysis paralysis. So simply use your discretion in doing what is right, and you will feel good about it in the end. After all, all giving is good and provided it is done with a good heart; there is no telling how it will benefit people. So give to your heart’s content and as the old saying goes, “it will be given back to you” in some form or way.

There is so much selfishness in the world, yet there is so much need. So why not be the change you want to see and give to any charity that you please. It will make a difference to someone’s life, and it will give you a greater sense of self-worth and purpose knowing that you made a choice to do something good for someone else. This is the epitome of fulfilling your purpose in life, especially when you consider all the people in the world that have and yet still choose not to give.

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