Dog Boarding In NSW: Finding The Best Service For Your Dog

We all want to be around our canine friends as much as possible. However, there are times when you have to leave them behind; for instance, when you are travelling out of town, have to be at work during the day, or taken ill and you cannot take care of them. Dog boarding in NSW is a viable option if there is no one else to look after your pet.

Hiring dog boarding in NSW should assure you of one thing: if you are to leave your dog in the hands of a stranger, it has to be someone who understands the needs of dogs and is professionally equipped to meet those needs. Here is what you should look out for.

1. Dog-centred facilities

There are various dog transport facilities in NSW, but not all of them are dog-centred. Some, will house other animals like cats, birds, and even reptiles besides dogs. Go with a boarding service that caters exclusively to dogs.

2. Clean boarding rooms

It goes without saying that the rooms should be clean. Find out if the dog boarding facility has daily room service for the kennels. Your pooch needs to sleep on a clean mattress and drink or eat from a clean bowl. Take a look around and ensure the pet kennels are clean before leaving your dog behind.

3. Friendly handlers

Ensure the pet boarding facility has friendly hosts who adore canine pets. Remember your pooch has a personality and you wouldn’t want to leave it in the hands of a rough handler. Watch how the hosts handle other pets; if tails are not wagging when the handler comes around, get worried.

4. Adequate personnel

Go with a dog boarding in NSW facility that has enough workers for all the pets. This ensures that your pooch receives personalized treatment while you are away. Some dogs, especially pedigree pets, grow extremely anxious when neglected, which is not good for their temperament.

5. Special services

Besides a clean warm place to sleep, your canine friend needs grooming and plenty of activities. Take it to a pet boarding that provides grooming services and plenty of play. If your dog requires a special diet, ensure the host is able to meet that requirement.


Generally, hiring the best dog transport in NSW will give you peace of mind. You are assured that your pet will be safe, well be fed, and tendered while you are away. While at it, find out which pet boarding centres charge a price point that is within your budget.

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