Designing Creative Photo Walls

Photo walls provide the opportunity to creatively transform the look of different spaces around your home or commercial property. They can be used to artfully showcase artistic style, favorite pictures and the architecture of the space. When the layout is being planned, think about using a variation of frames, spacing, size and color schemes.

Ideally, the pictures you use should tell a story. You can use colorful photos from a social media platform or make a statement by reprinting and displaying black and white classics of family members. Whether your preference is to keep things clean and minimalistic or mix and match to get a more eclectic vibe, there is definitely a design for you. Below are some tips on creating photo walls:

• Pick a Theme

Family Photos

Before your frames are hung, you must decide which photo will be placed in them. Most individuals instantly think of framing family photos. You can start by going through photo albums and picking your favourites. With a gallery-style photo wall, there is no need to stick to same style of pictures. Virtually anything goes; group shots, portraits, shots in black and white, colour, big or small. You cannot go wrong and it can be changed up whenever you wish.

• Be Eclectic

Family photos are not the only images you can use, so go ahead and mix it up. For instance, pictures of your trips can be used on photo walls. One of the beauties of having an eclectic mix is that you can find a creative way to include a picture you love and it does not have to necessarily fit in a particular theme.

• Select a Style

Design Asymmetrically

Go for identical frames with the same shape, size, finish and colour to create a clean, classic and composed wall.

• Try it On before Hanging

Before boring holes in the wall, arrange your frames on the floor and move them around until the perfect layout is found. When you are satisfy with the layout, you can stat hanging the frames.

• Centre the Biggest Frame

Sort through your frames and place the biggest one in the centre and use the smaller frames to surround it. Always starting in the centre and working outwards is a good rule of thumb to use on your photo walls.

• Find the Balance

It can be challenging to find the perfect balance among shape, size and finish; getting lost in the possibilities is easy. Find a common thread for a balanced layout: a colour scheme, identical frames or particular theme.

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