Creative Kitchen Design Ideas

A family kitchen is truly the heart of the home and this is especially true when the space is functional and visually appealing. It is where many good times are shared and unforgettable memories are formed over family dinners, laughter and even tears. This is a space in which important conversations typically happen, while meals are being prepared and even long after the meal has been consumed. Since kitchens have been serving as “family rooms,” perhaps it would be wise to incorporate some kitchen design ideas to update this vital space. These ideas could include:

Painted Ceiling

Painting the space is the most effective and fastest technique to transform it. Using the same paint for the walls and the ceiling is a great way to take the kitchen design ideas to the next level. Just ensure a few pieces of the wall is painted white or another light shade to strike an even color balance.

Upper Storage Spaces

Floating shelves are all the rage and a number of homeowners are opting for them instead of cabinets. However, mixing both traditional upper cabinets and open shelves can create more practical function and look remarkable while doing it. One way of incorporating this idea is by putting shelves around a window to enable additional light to filter in.

Matching Rugs

The floor space around your kitchen island could be filled with matching rugs that are easy on the eye and the feet and are otherwise functional. A pair of rugs can be used to tie in the design of the kitchen with the rest of your home.

Cozy Bench

Having a cushy booth in your kitchen could be a much better alternative than stools. You can create a snug nook in the center of the space by using a cozy appropriately-sized bench at the island. This will make Sunday brunch and other occasions that much better.

Multi-tasking Table

Even a small space can be put to work as both a dining room and a kitchen. You can do this by tucking stools under an island that has the capability of handling dinner parties and the prep work required to pull off such an event. For an ideal multi-tasking table, iron legs can be added to a chunk of butcher block to create a versatile surface.

Create an Entertainment Zone

A built-in buffet strategically placed along an empty wall can be used to take full advantage of your countertop space. This space can then be used as a storage and serving area, if you get slim upper cabinets installed as a console.

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