Condolences Quotes & Understanding Beliefs And Cultures

No one really knows what to say in the event of a death. It is a moment in life that has no remedy; all you can do is show your support to the loved ones left behind. It is at this moment when condolences quotes for death are best put to use. Saying the wrong thing can be detrimental to those experiencing grief.

Effective Condolences Quotes for Death

There is a lot to consider before choosing the right quotes to say to a grieving person. For one, it is important to understand the family and the people who are grieving. One thing that is usually not considered, but is very important, is the person’s culture.

Take American culture, which tends to bury negative feelings and concentrate on positive feelings. This means that Americans might prefer if the quote chosen said something positive or helped them remember something positive about the departed person.

You can say something regarding the person’s life or how he or she will live on in the memories of those who knew them best. These are a few words that might be helpful in your condolence message.

Of course, this is just regarding Americans because other cultures deal with death a little differently. Germans, for example, are direct about the negative feelings and like to address those without holding back. Using a phrase or quote that is a little too positive might seem insulting at this point. It is important to use quotes that are more direct and are not afraid to mention death as a fact rather than a step into another phase of existence.

Latin countries usually like to encourage full disclosure regarding their feelings. Attempting to stay calm or without expressing some type of sad emotion may seem out of place when dealing with someone who is from some Latin countries. Quotes that encourage emotional outpour is probably a good idea.

It is also important to find out if the person who just passed, or the loved ones left behind, are religious. This is important because you do not want to say the deceased is in a better place if he or she did not believe in this possibility. Religious quotes can actually be insulting to some, so it is important to discover whether speaking about religion is appropriate or not.

It is clear to see that you cannot simply speak from the heart without first filtering what you are going to say. Sure, it might seem a little troublesome, but it is better to prepare than say the wrong thing.

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