Auto Scissor Lift Options

It is difficult to go under a vehicle to repair or clean it. A vehicle lifting device is needed for this purpose. Auto scissor lift works well due to its small form factor and its ability to lift heavy vehicles. It offers high level of safety when repairing any underside part of the vehicle. The process of repairing and cleaning the vehicle at its bottom becomes easier, efficient and quick with the help of it. Vehicle lifting systems with the scissor mechanism are available for residential garage requirements. Whether you want to perform extensive repair or routine maintenance of your vehicle, use the precision-engineered scissor auto lift to perform your tasks.

Portable Lifts

Many car owners do not know they can use a portable and economical vehicle scissor lift to lift their vehicle. This simple system makes it easy to lift a car quickly and easily. It uses a different lifting mechanism compared to the hydraulic two post lifts used in commercial auto shops. It fits easily in a home garage. Both ground bolt and mobile models are available. The mobile car lifting systems are better for tenants who are not allowed to drill any holes in the flooring at their rented property. You will find full rise, midrise and low rise scissor vehicle lifts for lifting cars, SUVs and small pickup trucks.

High or Full Rise Lifts

This type of lift can lift the vehicle up to 80 inches. It has the capacity to lift vehicles weighing up to 9000 lb. It allows you to stand upright under the vehicle. You can repair or clean the underside of the vehicle easily. Scissor auto lifts with this design are used even in body shops and professional service bays.

Midsize Scissor Lifts

These lifts are available in both short and long runway options. A short runway design is sufficient for the smaller vehicles while longer runway is needed for long wheelbase vehicles. You will find it in both flush-mounted and above-ground lifting capability. It offers sufficient working height to work under the vehicle comfortably. Also called midrise lifts, it does not require any bolting down to the ground.

Low Rise Lifts

It is an excellent lift if you need a portable and economical solution for lifting your vehicle. It is a mobile system so you can move it around. Some designs have wheels that can be locked when lifting the vehicle. The high safety factor, minimal footprint, easy to use device, no need to bolt it down, and no installation costs are its benefits.

Buy an auto scissor lift based on your vehicle’s dimension and weight. Consider how high you want to lift your vehicle to repair or clean its underside parts.

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