Chinese Herbal Medicine Calgary

Chinese herbal medicine is highly valued for its effectiveness in the human health arena. Dating back more than 2,000 years ago, Chinese remedies have proved effective for several conditions. Modern medicine for treatments such as asthma, fever, and asthma has also been developed from Chinese herbs. Our Chinese herbal medicine Calgary solutions come from these time-tested techniques.

Acupuncture Therapeutic

Acupuncture refers to the practice of inserting minute needles to the skin and stimulating the tissues underneath. Our medics are trained in using this technique to treat acute pain, anxiety, depression, nausea, and related conditions. By identifying the right acupuncture points, we can stimulate the nerves so the brain can release healing hormones. We combine Chinese belief with modern techniques to ensure the process is minimally invasive but effective.


Depending on your condition, we may use dried Mugwort to alleviate pain. The process begins by drying Mugwart roots to form a cigar-like roll which is then lit and allowed to burn. The combustion releases a pungent smell as well as heat responsible for healing. Although seemingly simple, it takes a trained practitioner to identify the right acupuncture point before administering the treatment.


We also offer specialized massage through the use of glass cups. If you feel dizzy, tired, or general body weakness, our therapists will administer this technique to restore full healing. The cups are first heated through a controlled process to achieve the desired temperature. Once placed on preselected places, vacuums are created as the glass cool hence massaging the body. This technique may be combined with scraping for maximum effect.

Tui Massage

Musculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain are best eliminated using a combination of Asian handiwork. Our practitioners may combine acupressure and massage with some other body manipulation to achieve healing. The process may involve the use of heat, ointments, and herbal ointments depending on the condition of the patient.

Chinese Herbs

In the spirit of traditional Chinese medicine, we prepare our medicines specifically from Chinese herbs. Plants such as licorice, ginger, cinnamon bark, rhubarb, and ginseng form the basis of our concoctions. Seeds, roots, stems, flowers, or any other part may be used depending on the condition at hand. All the Chinese herbal medicine Calgary solutions are prepared by experienced practitioners in highly controlled processes.


Chinese traditional medicine has stood the test of time to become one of the most effective treatment options today. If you have tried other medications without success, Chinese medicine could be your solution. Worry no more as you can now access this treatment within Calgary and its environs.

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