Characteristics Of Conveyor Lighting

LED Conveyor Lighting saves from 50% to 80% on current consumption, almost completely eliminating maintenance costs, thanks to its durability and long-term efficiency. The LEDs have a degradation of about 20% over time, against 50% of traditional light bulbs. Furthermore, their duration refers to the minimum guaranteed life, which can exceed 50,000 hours.

The common bulbs instead have an average duration ranging from 3,000 hours for the halogen lamps, up to 12,000-15,000 hours for the fluorescent ones (compact or linear). LED lighting, with the same light emission, compared to other lamps, absorbs much less current and therefore contributes significantly to limiting CO2 emissions into the environment.

The LEDs do not emit ultraviolet rays or even infrared rays, making this type of light harmless and safe for any type of application. This becomes a considerable advantage, since with the LED lighting the degradation of the illuminated surfaces is limited, thanks to the drastic reduction of the heat emission.

The different qualities of the LED lighting products available on the market depend a lot on the study, the competence and the materials used by the different manufacturers for their construction.

The characteristics of efficiency, long life, color rendering, resistance in outdoor environments, heat dissipation and many others are all features that in LED Conveyor Lighting can vary from product to product, according to the assembly methods used.

Here is a list of some elements that quality companies scrupulously check to obtain a valid product:

  • Quality and models of pre-printed Conveyor Lighting circuits
  • Efficiency of the optics, fundamental for the control of the light emission of the LED and for the exploitation of its power
  • Control of LED protection against overcurrents and electrical overvoltages
  • Use of special resins to guarantee protection
  • Control of heat dissipation to guarantee the Conveyor Lighting efficiency and duration of the diode

LED lighting has led to a significant transformation in the design of lamp models. Nowadays almost all lighting fixtures mount LEDs as a light source. In addition, all the various categories and types of LED bulbs have been completed, allowing the new technology to be exploited in any product.

Although the choice of LED lighting involves a higher initial cost, the enormous advantages produced by this type of solution in terms of energy savings, efficiency and elimination of maintenance costs (plus all the advantages listed above), ensure not only a return on investment over time, but also the tranquility of experiencing artificial light in a more relaxed and functional way, thanks also to the lower loads of current absorbed, which lower the risks of overloading the meter.

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