Can You Do Breathwork Online


It usually lasts for about one hundred minutes and usually gets hosted by virtual Neurodynamics via Zoom conferencing software

The following procedures are followed for the sessions:

  • 1 – They will give you an introductory talk but it is quite short as not to lose your attention.
  • 2 – you then get taught to do your Breathwork Online session of fifty-five minutes while listening to evocative and powerful music.
  • 3 – While breathing fast and being exposed to music that has been carefully and perfectly chosen per individual
  • 4 – This will allow you to not only access your inner amazing intelligence but lets you silence the thinking mind
  • 5 – After each session, you will be given an opportunity (if you prefer) to share your experience with other participants and comparisons can be made especially if there are similarities amongst strangers from different filed, backgrounds, and or life experiences. After the session, there will be time for some of the participants to share their Breathwork experience with the group.

Breathwork Online has two types of impacts on your brain: psychological impact


Because this process lowers your CO2 levels and your body in turn compensates for this loss of CO2 by lowering your acidity in your blood and this again, in turn, makes your blood more alkaline than before.

The advantage of the lowered CO@ in the blood is that it creates a decreased flow and supply of O2 to certain part of the brain’s Frontal Cortex which is the forms a part of your DMN ( Default Mode Network )

This DMN is the main creator of the brain’s ability to create and control mental constructs like your EGO and SELF.

And why is this important, because the lower the DMN falls the more the EGO will vanishIt also influences inhibitory exerts on other parts of the brain which can include the limbic regions which are your memory and emotion centers.

So once again the lower the DMN falls the more these regions can start activating better memories and emotions once thought lost like childhood trauma. which will just float out once you in this new state and with all these new memories and knowledge you can be treated for it, as most psychological problems usually come from suppressed or forgotten trauma’s from your childhood.

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