Buy Real Wigs From These Vendors

What exactly is a real wig? It is like a normal wig but is made with hair from either a human or an animal with human-like hair. As a general rule, wig with natural human hair fibers are the most expensive as long hair can be sold for thousands of dollars if it is in excellent condition. It might be the preferred solution for some people who want to perm and style their wig. Real wigs are bought from specialized vendors on the internet.

For better or worse, there are certain things that cannot be done with a synthetic wig. This is just because polymers behave differently than natural hair fibers that are made of keratin and the remains of dead skin cells. Normal hair can be heat treated to stay a certain way, and behave differently than plastic under heat and pressure. Hair is more resilient and more complex it its styling properties.

Hair is not immune to burning, as individual hair strands will meekly burn if exposed to flame. It is more resistant to fire than a polymer which otherwise needs fire retardants to be safely used around flame. Polymer wigs vary in the properties of their synthetic hair fibers, with more sophisticated strands more capable of being modified than cheap ones. For better or worse, fake wigs need great care to be modified with a curling iron. It is a job for a specialist.

Human hair is not indestructible, but as they have the same properties on a wig as on a person’s head, ironing and perming are nearly the same. The only difference is that natural hair receives some oils from the scalp, but these become less available the further the strand grows out from the scalp. Natural hair has to be washed and conditioned, and wigs made from natural hair need this treatment to preserve their longevity.

On the bright side, natural hair has to be washed on top of the owner’s head while a wig can be held in front of the owner for more careful grooming. This convenience has made natural wigs a necessity for extremely stylish individuals who want to continue to have attractive hair as they age but find keeping up their style to be more difficult.

A natural wig certainly makes fine style to be a bit easier. Ladies using their natural hair often have to go to a salon, but if the hair is on a wig, it can be styled by the owner. These properties make real wigs an asset for both the home user and actors in the entertainment industry. Never underestimate the power of natural fibers.

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