Breathwork Audio Download And What To Look For.

Breathwork Audio Downloads Online? I know lots of people prefer online cures, news, etc, but as far as this download goes, there ain’t any that we could find, only one offering a free session only then you pay $49 a month but if you join as a couple its $59

So before you decide of joining here is some info to browse through before you decide to purchase a monthly contract.

This Breathwork Audio Downloads is done unlike other types of treatment where noise is prohibited.

Here you get encouraged to happy feel-good music either through speakers or earphones. – headphones, but for headphones use the earbud-style as works better.

Speakers or headphones will work for your session. You’ll want the music volume to be high enough to make you feel that you are being bathed in the sound.

Also, try not tom use your cellphone even if it has wifi as it doesn’t give a clear sound which you need.

By placing a “do not disturb sign on your door, whether office, bedroom or hotel room as you don’t want to be disturbed to get the full effect.

If you are going to apply permanently on these sessions, try and invest in a Mindfold Sleep Relaxation mask (found at any drug store or chemist or just use a normal blindfold, but if you undecided and just want to try for now then just close your eyes or use a dark thick cloth over your eyes.

Always have a spit-cup and water with tissue paper as you might find that you tend to saliva a lot and spit constantly.

Try and do it when stomach ie empty or very little food, say a small snack only and ask your partner or best friend to keep your company as long as they stay quiet.

Finally, although it is not required, you are more than welcome to have a friend in the room to hold space for you. It can be a wonderful connection-deepening shared experience.


Yes but only if you have the following so you shouldn’t if you have any of the following:

*: 1) Detached Retina

  • 2) Epilepsy
  • 3) Glaucoma
  • 4) If you have been medically diagnosed with and or been treated for bipolar disorder or schizophrenia
  • 5) If been treated or have been treated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), please consult with your doctor first
  • 6) Potential issues caused by moving around by osteoporosis patients can cause more harm than good.

7) Hyper or Hypotension

  • 8) Pregnancy even if in doubt and you suspect you are pregnant
  • 9) If you had any emotional stress of hospitalized for any psychological problem in the last ten years
  • 10) History of aneurysms or direct family
  • 11) If you use any prescription blood-thinning medications
  • 13 ) TIAs, seizures, Strokes, and or other brain/neurological condition or disease

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