Breast Surgery Statistics And Facts

The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is the ultimate authority when it comes to breast surgery and other cosmetic procedures. The best breast implant surgeon in Sydney is a member of this society. You need to find a surgeon certified by ASPS.

The amount of money spent on breast implants since 2010 is billions of dollars. That amount is more than the GDP of many countries. Implants created since 1997, can fill more than three Olympic-size swimming pools.

Most women who get breast implants are between 20 to 54 years. The average age of a woman who gets implants is thirty-four years. According to studies, 60% of women with implants are over 30 years but less than 55 years. Teenagers between 13 and 18 years are also getting implants.

The number one cosmetic surgery procedure in Australia is breast augmentation. Breast reduction is also rising in popularity. Many men are undergoing breast reduction because of the effects of man boobs.

Breast Reduction

Breast surgery can involve either breast reduction or augmentation. Breast reduction is a procedure to remove excess breast fat and skin. The purpose of reducing breast size is usually to achieve a breast size that is proportional to the body. Reduction will also alleviate discomfort normally caused by overly large breast.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation involves using breast implants to increase the size of breasts. One can undergo augmentation because of the effects of breast cancer. A woman who feels she has smaller breasts can undergo this procedure.

There are different types of breast implants used for augmentation. They include:
• Silicone implants- These have silicone gel. Thus, they feel like natural breasts. If you choose this type of implant, you will need regular medical checkup to ensure that the implants are functioning properly and they are not leaking. A leaking silicone implant will not collapse.

• Saline implants- These have sterile salt water. Leakage of the implant will cause the implant to collapse and the body will absorb and naturally expel the saline. The FDA has approved these implants for augmentation for women who are at least 18 years.
• Gummy bear implants- These have a better version of silicone gel that is thicker and stronger than the typical silicone gel. Thus, this type of implant maintains its shape even when the shell is broken.

The Bottom-Line

Breast surgery is very popular with men and women. Many teenagers are also undergoing breast augmentation. Other popular cosmetic procedures are buttock augmentation, liposuction, and upper arm lifts. You should search for a cosmetic surgeon who is highly experienced, competent and board-certified.

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