Blue Eye Contacts -Choose A Shade That Brings Aesthetic Appeal

People who think of buying fashion lenses should opt for blue eye contacts available in varied designs and colors. This specific color looks excellent on brown-eyed people. Even people with natural blue eyes can try dark or light blue tones to enhance an x-factor of their personalities. Girls with fair skin tone look cute when they wear blue sapphire contacts. This greenish-blue shade brings dramatic appeal. Here are some colors to consider, in case you want to shop for the best blue color contrast or combo.

Blue-Grey – Some people might have tried dark blue, and they don’t like it because their eyeball becomes prominent. In that case, they can give a try to blue-grey shade. The best thing about this combo is that it looks great on every person, no matter their skin tone.

Triple Blue: Instead of buying a single dark or light blue shade, it brings triple hue in one contact. This combination offers a perfect shade balance. Girls with dark skin tone or brown eyes can go with triple blue fashion contacts. Always buy those that bring a bit of brightness and sparkle element in it.

Blue-Hazel – In case you have green eyes and you want to amplify your beauty appeal, then nothing looks as mesmerizing on your eyes than blue-hazel. Some brands offer some web patterns with this color combo. Go with them only when you plan to try such a contrast on a particular theme party like Halloween. However, when looking for natural shade, stick with a pair without any web or snake style pattern.

Aqua Blue: Girls with fair skin tone can easily make their looks super magnetic with this particular shade. People go with aqua-blue color as it resembles a lot with natural water features and ocean. Therefore, this shade brings depth and natural beauty into one’s personality.

Violet Blue: Girls with dark skin tone can make their eyes prominent through the violet-blue shade. A hint of purple with blue brings an enticing combination. Your iris area looks more apparent, and you can attain a dramatic appeal instantly.

Dark Blue: You should know that dark blue eye contacts don’t look good on every person. They only complement blonde girls with fair skin tones. Therefore, don’t opt for this warm tone with your dark skin tone.

Blue Circle lens: They are color enhancement lenses available in the market. Girls who want their eyes to look bigger, brighter, and more awake can opt for them.

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