Best Swimming Pool Designs

Aquatic plants give a nice natural touch, and undoubtedly contribute to the beautification of your garden. If you want, you can even give your pool the appearance of a pond. The temperature of the water can not exceed 24 degrees Celsius. The reason: a higher temperature would damage the balance of the ecosystem and would benefit the proliferation of bacteria.

Its installation costs more. You will need to make a little more investment at the beginning. The extra cost is due to the construction of the filtration zone, which is not found in conventional pools. It consumes more electricity. The natural pool pump must run continuously to maintain water quality, which is not the case for conventional pools. Some estimate the difference in consumption at between 4000 and 5000 kWh per year.

Water evaporates in larger amounts and you will need more often to add water. You will have to be careful to choose the right plants so that the ecosystem can settle and stabilize.
Note that it is recommended to wait until the ecosystem has taken its quarters before swimming for the first time, so as not to rush its development. In addition, if the water seems too dark at first, do not worry: it will clear up over time once your plants are properly installed and begin to do their work.

The choice of Best Swimming Pool Designs is always delicate. And for good reason, your choice will influence your budget as much as the appearance of the pool. And there are many solutions: above-ground pool, concrete pool and pool kits.

Choosing a pool: above ground or in-ground pool? The first choice to make when you want to build a swimming pool is to choose between the two main solutions. The inground pool is installed underground after earthworks.

Above ground pool: a pool placed directly on the ground. Choosing between Best Swimming Pool Designs depends on both your needs, the desired size for the pool and your total budget. An above ground pool is an easy to install pool since you do not have to dig the ground. The hull arises simply on your ground. These can be temporary pools, which you can remove and fold once summer is over: inflatable pool, freestanding pool.

It can also be a pool kit, which is more expensive and not removable. There are above-ground steel pools as well as wooden pools. Even if they are a little more complex to install than inflatable pools, above ground units require less work than an in-ground pool. It is therefore a good solution to have a permanent pool without starting a huge project.

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