Best Striped Taper Candles: Good Looking Enough To Eat But Don’t

The best striped taper candles look good enough to eat, but you must resist the temptation to do so when it comes to these candy cane look-alikes. That is, until the day somebody comes up with the first ever edible best striped taper candles. It’s not a bad idea.

In fact, it can further boost the sales of these specialty candles that are perfect for parties and all kinds of celebrations. Still, the idea of having a candle burn and eat it, too may be asking too much if not courting injury. Edible underwear is such a big hit, but then you never have to light it up with a real flame.

But as wild product ideas go, there’s no telling how far these striped candles can go. The whole world is in love with them. You see them in St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s, and independence day celebrations around the world. Of course, celebrants have complete freedom to color the stripes the way they want.

Even birthday celebrations can be spiced up with candles in stripes especially for colorful personalities. Not just children benefit from the colorful creation. Striped candles create an illusion of movement that is further highlighted by the flame atop them.

And, since scented candles have been ahead of the game for quite some time now, they lend extra support to the amazing attractiveness of striped candle lights. Whether the candles are the size of a matchstick or 14 inches, the scent of cocoa, chocolate or cinnamon are impossible to resist for a lot of people. Plus, for folks who happen to be allergic to scents, there are all kinds of scent-free candles to choose from.

No matter what, a candle always has that special symbolism. Lighting one is a meaningful gesture that can elevate social grieving, inspire hope and confidence, and dramatize a movement. There are also many folklore and legends surrounding lighting a flame on a wick.

Just one of them is that playing with candle flames before sleeping can result in bed wetting. Another one is the legend of the Candle Dragon to explain why there is day and night in the world. And of course, nothing beats making a wish over your birthday cake.

So whether you are lighting a candle for peace or in memory of the dear departed, there’s always a way to do it in style. Sometimes, though, the simplicity of plain white candles is enough to convey the mood of the occasion. They are also said to enhance a woman’s aesthetic appeal.

To illustrate, growing up with the habit of always rubbing one’s fingers vigorously can result in candle-shaped extremities according to an urban legend. But just like wearing diminutive iron shoes to keep one’s feet from growing, this theory is yet to be verified. Yet one thing is for sure, blackout or not, a candle will always be a part of mainstream consciousness.

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